Look, we all know what they say about young voters. We’re “so frickin’ stupid,” we’re gutless liberals - and yet, we are the future.

Well, we’re no longer interested in what people are expecting us to do (or not do.) We know that our generation is engaged and informed. We know that our generation will vote.

That’s why we’ve launched I’m Voting For – as a way for us to move past the narrative of political pundits and the coveted youth vote, and focus on the issues at hand.

We’re asking young people across the country to submit videos completing the statement “I’m voting for ___________.” We want to amplify your voice on the issues that matter to you.


Record a video

Whether you do-it-yourself using a webcam or cell phone, or have a friend help you out, grab a camera and capture a video of yourself completing the statement “I’m voting for ___________.” Remember: it’s not who you’re voting for, it’s what issues drive you to the polls. Each video should be roughly 30-60 seconds. If you need a little inspiration, check out what other folks have said.


Upload your video to your own YouTube account, being sure to tag the video with #ImVotingFor and #vote4progress.


Submit a video using the ‘submit’ tab. Enter your information, including the URL to your video on YouTube. We’ll go through the videos and upload them to imvotingfor.org! If you run into troubles, email us at imvotingfor@gmail.com.

Connect + Share

Follow us on right here on Tumblr and on Twitter (@imvotingfor) and reblog/RT your videos and more.  Don’t forget to use the hashtags #ImVotingFor and #vote4progress!  Share your videos online with your friends and family, and encourage them record their own.


Most importantly, register to vote! We’ve got an easy tool from Rock The Vote set up right here on imvotingfor.org – where we also connect you to a ton of voter resources as well as plenty of other reasons why young people are voting in this year’s election.

So…what are you voting for?